I'd Like to thank each and eveyone of my associates, for thier recommendation. You can find the complete recommendations on my linkedin profile.

  • I've had the opportunity to work with Rob on a number of occasions, and his work has always been accurate and of meticulous detail. These characteristics are important in validation projects. He also is a motivated self-started who required very little supervision. Rob is an asset to any IT organization.
    - Michael Hancu, Principal Validation Engineer at Actavis, Inc. (formerly Watson Pharmaceuticals)

  • Rob was one of my go-to guys on the Operations Team. I administered an EDMS system and working with the operations team was 24/7. Rob was always available and dependable. Furthermore, Rob was always very helpful in cutting through the clutter of procedure to identify what needed to be done. This greatly simplified my life as a system administrator working in a GxP environment. Rob is a man of integrity. I enjoyed working with him and would happily work with him again.less
    - David Kennedy, Business Systems Analyst at Wells Fargo

  • I met Rob while rolling out our new ITSM Platform; the result of the merger between Watson and Actavis. Placing process over technology is paramount to optimizing productivity and ensuring regulatory compliance. Rob always started with the process before analyzing how technology could assist. This is when his technical prowess shined. When working with vendor software products, there are areas you can modify and protected areas. Rob would not let the protected areas stop him. He would look beyond the platform to use other tools to enrich the process and enhance the ITSM tool. Rob would be a productive asset in any IT organization and will always be reaching for the next value add.
    - Jim Proske, Head of IT Service and Lifecycle Management - Global

  • I have had both the pleasure and benefit of working with Rob Barba for the past eight years. I have always found him to be thorough, professional and courteous in all my business dealings with him. Rob has supported the Netbackup infrastructure with extreme attention to detail and has always assisted my team in a timely responsive manner. recently, we had lost a filesystem with modified scripts and Rob was able to restore them for us up to the moment in time requested. I would like to partner with Rob again if the opportunity arose. Rob would be a valuable asset to any IT infrastructure team. He is always looking to learn and expand his knowledge.less
    - Stephen Ferracioli, Experienced Technology Integrator

  • Rob has been on the receiving end of numerous audit inquiries from me and provided valuable assistance in completing analytical procedures. He has demonstrated an impressive work ethic and comes across as professional, efficient, and detail oriented. He is a pleasure to work with and would be a worthy contributor to any team lucky enough to entice him to join them.
    - Brian Elliott, Director, Internal Audit at Actavis, Inc.

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