1. Open this file. If you're reading this, you have already completed step one. Good for you!

2. Print out the Board tab. Every time this workbook is recalculated (by reopening it, or by editing any cells), the board changes.

  • If Squares light up like THIS then there is a duplicate on the board press F9 to refresh
  • To quickly refresh the board, press F9.
  • (If you can't print, copy the game board (Rows 8-13) and paste as values to the NO PRINT sheet, so that you can hightlite cells without the board changing.)

    3. Each time an event on your board happens, check it off. The first player to get five in a row wins.
  • If you are playing against someone you can use standard BINGO Varients, such as blackout, postage stamp, or 4 corners

    4. You can add new phrases to the the Event tab. Remeber to pay it backward if you do, we all like to have fun!

    Click on the image to request the Excel file:


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